I am a Ph.d. candidate in Linguistics working with Dr. Anna Papafragou at the University of Pennsylvania. I am interested in creating behavioral and computational models that could reveal the interaction between language and human cognitive systems.

I am a member of Language and Cognition Lab and affiliated with MindCore (Penn's hub for integrative study of mind), and ILST (Integrated Language Sciences and Technology).

I have an M.A. (Master of Arts) degree in Linguistics from Boğaziçi University, where I studied with Dr. Mine Nakipoğlu and Dr. Sumru Özsoy on the syntactic structure of focus particles in Turkish. Before that, I had a B.A. degree in Business Administration from Koç University. Following my undergraduate degree, I spent some time in the industry and managed large sales teams at Unilever. During this experience, I had the chance to get to know so many wonderful people all over Turkey, speaking many different languages and dialects. I am grateful to all of them, as they helped me find out that language science is my passion.

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